Vision and Goals

We at All Saints’ believe that we are called to be a mission shaped church, sharing relevantly the Good News of Jesus to all people of all ages all of the time.

We believe that a mission shaped church:

  • is focused on God the Trinity
  • is relational
  • is incarnational
  • makes disciples
  • is transformational

Our priorities are currently on being more relational and transformational. See below for fuller definitions.

We Believe:

  • a mission shaped church is focused on God the Trinity

Worship lies at the heart of a missionary church, and to know and love God as Father, Son and Spirit is its chief inspiration and primary purpose. It worships and serves a missionary God, and understands itself to share in the divine mission. All of its life and activity is undergirded by prayer.

  • a mission shaped church is relational

In a missionary church a community of faith is being formed. It is characterised by welcome and hospitality. Its ethos and style are open to change when new members join. Believers are encouraged to establish interdependent relationships with fellow Christians as they grow into Christ. As a community it is aware that it is incomplete without interdependent relationships with other Christian churches and communities. It does not seek to stand alone.

  • a mission shaped church is incarnational

A missionary church seeks to locate itself in relation to the culture in which it is located or to which it is called. Whenever it is called to be cross-cultural then its long-term members or initial team lay aside their cultural preferences about church to allow the emergence of a form or style of church to be shaped by those we are seeking to reach. If a church is long established, then it evaluates itself in relation to the culture of the community it serves, and strips away whatever is not required by the gospel. An incarnational church seeks to be responsive to the activity of the Spirit in its community.

  • a mission shaped church is transformational

A missionary church exists for the transformation of the community that it serves, through the power of the gospel and the Holy Spirit. It is not self-serving, self-seeking or self-focused. The Kingdom of God is its goal, and church is understood as a servant and sign of God’s kingdom in its community, whether neighbourhood or network.

  • a missionary church makes disciples

A mission shaped church is active in calling people to faith in Jesus Christ, and it is equally committed to the development of a consistent Christian lifestyle appropriate to, but not withdrawn from, the culture and cultures in which it operates. It engages with culture, but also presents a counter-cultural challenge by its corporate life based on the world view and values of the gospel. It encourages the vocation and gifting of all the people of God and invests in the development of leaders. It is concerned for the transformation of individuals, as well as the transformation of communities.