Fund Raising

Whilst you are online there are a number of different ways in which you can donate to the Open for All Church Centre Development Fund via the links below or you can download our flyer by clicking on the link. Online fundraising flyer Oct12

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Donating to the ‘Open for All’ will mean that you are building for the future and your gift will create possibilities for a wide range of people. In a world where people often feel alone and isolated, where both young and old feel increasingly disenfranchised, the All Saints’ Centre hopes to be a beacon of fellowship and community, a place where people can meet and socialise, seek advice, be it counselling, financial advice or simply a helping hand of friendship.

So please, become part of the All Saints’ Centre. You can make a planned, on-going contribution, a one-off donation or you can get creative – and join in with our fundraising campaigns.

Whatever you do, remember, this is your chance to make a difference and be a part our ‘Open for All’ initiative creating the All Saints’ Centre.

Follow this link to see how to donate on line