Most of us are now well used to recycling via our local council kerbside collection or charity bags and shops. Many places now have recycling bins which raise money for charities.

Aldi. Batteries

Asda, Smithdown Road. Glass. Clothes and shoes (for Tickled Pink). Clothes and shoes (for the Salvation Army). Clothes, shoes and textiles (for Cash for Kids).

Calderstones Park car park. Glass. Clothes (for Claire House). Clothes (for Variety Children’s charity)

Co-op, Bentham Drive. Clothes and shoes (for Salvation Army)

Morrisons, Belle Vale. Batteries. Plastic bags (including bread and cereal bags, bubble wrap, plastic wrappers and ring joiners from multi- pack cans, plastic wrapping from toilet / kitchen rolls and magazine / newspaper wrap)

Sainsburys, Woolton. Paper. Glass. Cans. Plastic bottles. Plastic bags. Books, music, DVDs (for OXFAM). Clothes, shoes and accessories (for OXFAM)

Tesco, Mather Avenue. Glass. Shoes (for Variety Children’s Charity). Bagged clothing, shoes, belts, bags (for Children’s Air Ambulance). Clothing shoes and textiles (for Christie)

Tesco, Woolton. Glass. Paper and card. Clothes and shoes (for Salvation Army)

Dobbies Garden Centre Plastic plant pot & tray return service