About Us

What We Believe

We at All Saints’ believe that we are called to be a mission shaped church, sharing relevantly the Good News of Jesus to all people of all ages all of the time.

We believe that a mission shaped church:

  • is focused on God the Trinity
  • is relational
  • is incarnational
  • makes disciples
  • is transformational

In practice this means we believe that:

A mission shaped church is focused on God the Trinity

Worshipping God as Father, Son and Spirit lies at the heart of a missionary church.  Prayer surrounds all of the life and activity of the church.

a mission shaped church is relational

In a missionary church a community of faith is formed. It is characterised by welcome and hospitality and should be open to change when new members join. As it grows it should create a network of support and encouragement within its own congregation and with other Christian churches and communities. It does not seek to stand alone.

a mission shaped church is incarnational

A missionary church builds itself in the culture in which it is located or called to serve. Cultural preferences of the existing congregation should be set aside to allow a style of church to be shaped by the community in which it stands. Whatever is not required by the gospel should be stripped away to grow a church responsive to the work of the Spirit in its community.

a mission shaped church is transformational

A missionary church exists for the transformation of the community in which it stands, through the power of the gospel and the Holy Spirit. It should not be self-serving, self-seeking or self-focused. The Kingdom of God is its goal, and church is a sign of God’s kingdom in the community.

a mission shaped church makes disciples

A missionary church is active in calling people to faith in Jesus Christ and to the development of a consistent Christian lifestyle within the culture in which it stands. It lives and works in that culture by the values of the gospel. It is concerned for the transformation of individuals, as well as the transformation of communities.