All Saints Advent Challenge

By 6th December 2018 January 17th, 2019 Latest News

Why not take part in the All Saints Advent Challenge. Become a blessing to others and be blessed yourselves.

There will be a new challenge each week

Week 1 – Matthew 25:36 “I needed clothes and you clothed me”

As you rush around looking for the perfect present pick up some thick socks, gloves, hat, scarf or warm underwear for the homeless. Gifts often dismissed by us and made the butt of jokes could mean the difference between life or death to a rough sleeper this Christmas


Week 2 – Matthew 25: 36 “I was in prison and you came to visit me”

Find time this week to call on someone whose home has become a prison, an isolated young mum, an elderly housebound person, or a lonely neighbour. These people are all around us. We only have to open our eyes to become more aware of them.
Week 3 – Matthew 25:35  “For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat.”
Pushing our loaded trolleys around the supermarket, how much excess food do we buy “just in case”.  Buy an extra luxury item – biscuits, cake, chocolates to donate to Foodbank this week.
Congratulations if you have completed the first three challenges. Do pray for those whose lives you have touched, the homeless, the lonely and the hungry. Now for the final challenge.
How many times do you check your messages in an hour? In a day?  Take time to read the Christmas Story and check the message God has for you this Christmas.
Luke 2:11 “Today a Saviour has been to you, He is Christ the Lord”

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