What’s happening this Lent?

By 7th February 2019 Latest News

Here is a puzzle to solve if you can,
I promise you won’t be bored
If you can unravel this anagram,
Thee my frosty dog” and give me your answer

Then in due time you’ll receive your reward.

If you would like to enter the Lent competition then you can submit your answer via the contact page on the church website, or write your answer on a piece of paper with your name and contact number and hand it to Jim or Mary Harrison who will be at the back of church at the end of the Sunday services. The closing date of entries is 10th February and all correct answers will receive some fair trade chocolate on 17th February after the 11 o’clock service or you can pick it up from the back of the church.

And as for what it all means, all will be revealed in one weeks time.

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