What’s happening this Lent?

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Here is a puzzle to solve if you can,
I promise you won’t be bored
If you can unravel this anagram,
Thee my frosty dog” and give me your answer

The Mystery of God

This year’s Lent course will start on Ash Wednesday (6th March). It will run on weekly for 7 weeks, finishing on Wednesday 17th April. It will start at 8pm in the church hall with tea, coffee and cake and a short
time of fellowship before we settle into the main content of the evening. For those who have taken
part in our Lent and Advent series before, there will,
as always, be chocolate involved in the proceedings so don’t give it up for Lent.
This year, as the title suggests, the evenings will be less of a Bible study and more an exploration of some of the deep questions of life. In small groups sat around tables we will be exploring some of the most searching questions in a protected and thoughtful environment. Each group will have a facilitator who will be there merely to guide the proceedings rather than to provide answers.
Some of the topics being discussed will include, life and death, God’s glory, sin, suffering, relationships, love, and the joy of salvation.
The entire course can be downloaded from https://ctbi.org.uk/lent/ or you can search Churches together in Britain and Ireland Lent course 2019. Paper copies will be provided for those who want them. Anyone interested can sign up at the back of church or via the contact page on the website and if you could indicate if you want a print out or not, that would be great.

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