Church of England 10 digital commandments

By 2nd July 2019 Latest News

1. Don’t rush in

“Responding quickly doesn’t mean doing so without due consideration”

2. Transient yet permanent
“Social media updates are immediate and will outdate quickly BUT they can have a more lasting impact”

3. You’re an ambassador
“If talking about a church matter, make it clear that these are your personal opinions”

4. Don’t hide
“Anonymity and ‘hiding’ behind aliases when using social media is frowned upon”

5. Don’t blur private life boundaries
“There are risks associated with personal opinions being seen as public statements”

6. Be aware of safeguarding
“The informality that social media encourages can mean that it might be harder to maintain a professional distance”

7. Don’t share certain images
“Make sure you have permission from anybody who features in the image before sharing”

8. Stay within legal frameworks
“If you wouldn’t say something in a public meeting or to someone’s face – don’t say it online”

9. Keep confidences
“Remember: Is this story mine to share? If in doubt, don’t”

10. Be mindful of your security
“Don’t overshare personal information”

July 2nd 2019

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